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Meet Donnya Zidan, a story-driven director whose Egyptian roots infuse her work with an irresistible charm. With a background in fashion, she brings a unique flair to style, always keeping an eye out for the finer details.

Her mixed upbringing has given her a passport to understanding different worlds, making her a natural at connecting with all sorts of audiences.

Donnya's creative skill isn't just skin-deep. She's a master at diving into the minds of her characters, making their adventures feel as real as a pinch on the cheek. With her uncanny ability to step into their shoes, she ensures that everyone watching feels like they're right there in the thick of it.

In her debut at the prestigious Netherlands Film Festival in 2023, Donnya made waves with "Iskander," a 15-minute science fiction drama shot against the backdrop of the groovy '70s in both the Netherlands and Egypt. Having both written and directed this short film, she effortlessly intertwines reality with a touch of enchantment, inviting audiences on a mesmerizing escapade. 
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